Diva to the Death

A supper musical party experience against the Singapore skyline


Created by
Bite Me Productions and Jonathan Lim (Creator of Chestnuts) with musical arrangement by Elaine Chan


Welcome to Monti – the hottest and the coolest jazz bar on the island. The woman with her fingers on the temperature dial is jazz diva Destinee de Souza, the fiery-tempered seductress of the night. For years she has reigned as the queen of Monti, keeping all the regulars in her thrall. But change is coming.

A brutal buyout has landed Monti in the rough hands of tycoon Leung Tai Lup, whose affairs are like his money – both in need of laundering. Tonight, Big Brother Leung will drop by to inspect his new acquisition, accompanied by his latest squeeze, the getai Queen Mong Cha Cha. One look at the luscious Monti and its luxurious clientele, and she knows that becoming Queen of Monti is her destiny. If only it weren’t Destinee’s.

Tonight, the divas will battle for supremacy, and there are no rules. Each will use any weapon at her disposal to stake her claim – including you!

Who will you side with?

Monti at 1-Pavilion
82 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049213


Ticket prices*:
$155 (weekday)  |  $185 (weekend)
*inclusive of supper menu, view it here



Showtime: 9.30pm
(Please arrive 30 minutes earlier for registration. The show starts promptly at 9.30pm.)
Duration: 105 minutes
Duel starts: 2 February 2018
Minimum age: 18 and above
Dress Code: Dressy Casual


*Friday & Saturday shows only*
feat. DJ Tang
11.30pm till 2am
When the curtains fall, make the call.
Party like it’s the 20s, as Monti transforms into a pop up Jazz Hip hop club


Dress Code for the After-Party:
The Roaring 20s/The Great Gatsby-esque

Dress your glamorous best like it’s the roaring 20s (think The Great Gatsby). And besides, you’re going for a night out at Monti – the hottest and the swankiest jazz bar on the island!


Need a hand with that outfit?
Enjoy 15% off dress rentals at Style Lease with the promo code BITEME15
and $25 off all blowouts at Prep Salon exclusively for guests of ‘Diva to the Death’!



BITE ME is a refreshing taste of theatre.
We create pop-up immersive and interactive dining, show and party experiences.


Watch, play, eat.
And play some more.


BITE ME PRODUCTIONS takes over a unique location, whose set lends itself to the storyline. Dress to the theme, bring your alter-ego and be ready to lose yourself in a different world, just for a day. Arrive early and enjoy a cocktail before the show. Once seated, interact with the hosts and characters while the story unfolds as you indulge in delicious treats.

Unlike usual shows, the BITE ME experience doesn’t have to end when the show does. When the curtains fall, you make the call. Guests can continue the party at the bar. Get social, mingle, bump into members of the cast and even learn a secret or two.





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